Going Digital! The Internet

The Internet, connects people, devices, information and content: a world wide web, rapidly increasing in size, sophistication, and speed.

For business, the internet can connect and engage the widest range of customers in more creative ways.

Digital is the means to communicate across the internet.

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DiGiGi - Go Digital, Stay Unique

Are you an SME that wants to go digital?

Do you need support to identify increased customer engagement and satisfaction with digital?

Do you want to assess your skills for harnessing the benefits of digital?

With DiGiGi, digital works for you enhancing what it is that makes your business unique.

Be a creator and not just a consumer of digital with DiGiGi

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Can ‘Digital’ work for me?

Are you wondering if digital could help improve your customer satisfaction and engagement?

Could it offer solutions to enhance your business?

Then DiGiGi can help you to answer these questions with a simple assessment!

Go Digital?

Can digital improve your customers satisfaction and or engagement?

DiGiGi can:

Offer a *free short, simple assessment from the customers viewpoint of using digital.

The assessment will be from the public perspective so no private information needs to be discussed.

You will get:

A personalised visual outline of the results of the assessment.

You can Review it in your own time and decide if you want to chat further.

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Do Digital?

What digital or transferable skills are available in the Business?

DiGiGi can:

Assess your People & Resources to highlight any existing skills and experience that can transfer to Digital.

The assessment will also take account of the culture and creativity

You will get:

A personalised visual outline of the results of the assessment.

You can Review it in your own time and decide if you want to chat further.

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Assessment to Action!

Combining the output of theGo Digital Assessment (What and Why) and the Do Digital Assessment ( Who, When and How) produces an Action Plan that balances your Effort and Customer Impact to align and prioritise resources and produce the agreed improvements with digital.

*free - Subject to availability

Take Action with ‘Digital’?

Simple customer-foccussed working solutions

Digital Action Plan

Simplicity is at the heart of the Action Plan. The digital Action plan will focus on improvement to customer satisfaction and or engagement that can be made with the minimum effort. This could be using out of the box products or services.

Skills Portfolio

The plan will highlight and showcase skills development made within the team and promote collaboration and cross training to support possible future digital developments


Future developments beyond the scope of the current Action Plan are part of a re-assessment to improve customer satisfaction

DiGiGi can lead the Action Plan or it can be led in-house

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About DiGiGi

Hi I’m John Ewens and I’m DiGiGi. I grew up in a successful family business Unique Designs, where I learned to create fabulous, working, good value products. I love new adventures, supporting entrepreneurs and startups especially during their learning and growth.

I’m passionate about creating simple and imaginative digital solutions and I believe that digital can be practical and fabulous.

I worked as a senior technology leader in the Education, Technology and Digital sector for over 20 years.

I’ve developed a diverse range of digital solutions large and small; with providers such as Microsoft and Google; in education and training with the LGfL, locally and nationally in Education and Government.



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Systems / Solutions Manager







Please use the form below to send your request for information or email: contact@digigi.co.uk

John is originally from Durham and is now based in Tonbridge, Kent.